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Anti roll bar link replacement

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The anti roll bar link is in a very tight spot on the back of the front axle - above the steering rod. In order to replace the link, the anti roll bar has to removed entirely, or dropped down to gain better access to the end.

Raise the corner of the vehicle you are going to be working on and turn the wheel to improve access.

The position of the link -


There's a certain amount of tension in the anti-roll bar and just unbolting it from tha chassis may cause it to fly down - possibly causing injury. Place a jack under the bar and remove the 4x17mm nuts/bolts that hold the bar to the chassis on both sides.



Lower the jack and tension will be released - the bar will rest on the steering rod.


The link is held to a bracket that is part of the axle case by a 17mm castellated nut - remove the split pin, nut, and washer.

Then lever as shown to free the thread from it's housing.



Lever against the link in order to force it out of the chassis bracket - this is quite awkward as you are in effect bending the roll bar a small amount, so be careful of it slipping as you do this.


Once free of the housing the link rod will lift over the steering rod and access to it will be a lot easier. The link is secured to the roll bar by a 22mm nut and bolt.


The old link and the new.



New bushes don't come with the new link, so replace them at the same time. It's worth mentioning that series shock absorber rubbers are the same thing.


Reassemble the link on the end of the bar and hand tighten the nut.


Using the jack - raise the bar back up until it's close to it's fixing points on the chassis rails. The mounting's will be out of line, so some careful levering is necessary to bolt it back on.


Once the chassis bolts are all tfitted - tighten the castellated nut and fit the split pin.


Lower the vehicle back down on the ground and the job is finished.


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