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No Rear Drive


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Hi all...

Driving home tonight, stopped in traffic, put trans in neutral, waiting, waiting, put trans in D...... Hmmmm. At this stage I was hoping for some forward motion. So was the truck and the row of traffic behind me.... No nasty noises, just no drive. Thought the trans had fried a band or something. Got it off to the side of the road, had a look underneath and nothing obviously amiss. Put back in gear, noticed that the speedo was winding up. Gave it a mini-rev in gear and had another look underneath. Sure enough the rear prop shaft was turning.

Got it home with the centre diff locked, with the odd slightly nasty noise coming from the back. :ph34r:

Pulled the left axle out. Nothing wrong there. Put it back in and there was a dull clunk as it went home. The sort of noise a side gear would make falling out of the centre. Other axle fine, too. Could spin both axles in the hubs without much resistance.

Alright, so the diff centre's shot. Question is what is the likely cause? Is there a common problem that they have? IIRC the front and rear centres are interchangeable, so is it worth me checking the front one as well so I don't get the same issue in the near future?

I'll pull the diff out tomorrow for a look anyway and let you all know what I find. I'm guessing the cross-shaft has come adrift or something stupid like that. Probably munched up the gears just enough to render them useless.

Additional question for bonus points:- What other centres are the same that I can use? Late Rangie Classic, Defender?

Oh, yeah. It's a 24 spline 3.54, if that makes any difference.


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The shaft that goes through the planetary gears could be broken or fallen out (can't remember but I think it is only retained by a couple of circlips)

All the diffs are basically the same as long as they are 24 spline between the following:

90 front and rear

110 front

Disco 1 front and rear

Disco 2 front and rear

RR Classic I think! not sure about that

There are minor differences such as the way the bearing adjusters are locked but I think the centres will be interchangeable - the whole diffs certainly are.

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Pay attention to the number of splines - the vast majority of stuff out there is 10-spline.

I think the vehicles all changed from 10 spline to 24 spline somewhere around 1992 IIRC? My old Discovery 200Tdi was 10 spline (registered Feb 91) and I am fairly sure the late 200Tdis aren't. The majority of RRC's will be 10 spline I should think.

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According to the ARB Catalogue... Looks like Disco's built to Mar '93 were 10 spline, From Apr '93 they were 24 spline. Same for Defender/County and RRC.

EPC shows that the change point was (A)28S44171 & 38S29121 were the last with 10-spline. 24 spline thereafter.

Either way, easy to eyeball as the difference between the 10 and 24 splines is chalk and cheese (or coarse and fine ;) ).

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Pick what's wrong with the following picture... :D

Shaft busted and spider gears a bit chewed up. Circlips long gone (good one BogMonster). Side gears and C&P in remarkably good condition. Cunning plan being hatched to fit a locker to it... Anyone know where to find a cartridge-type locker insert?

Found a good second-hand unit out of a low km '98 for AU$300, and it's already got the UJ flange "upgrade" fitted. Bonus :) . Sourcing the matching driveshaft now... no more feeding the flex-coupling monster for me :P


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Or spend a third as much for a Detroit... Hmmm, what were those options again? :P

Well I will be fitting ARBs as and when my diffs start making noises, which history indicates they probably will (diff centre problems on my last 90, my current Discovery and my last Discovery...)

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