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Disco rear door subwoofer problem


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My disco(1999 series 1 v8)has a rear door mounted subwoofer but it dunt appear to be working.My car has been fitted at sometime with a kenwood head unit.I suspect on the standard radio there is a feed to the amplifier that isnt there on the kenwood

I have a spare plug on the car wiring harness that is a 7 pin flat chrome plug with only 2 wires connected(1 red,1 black)-Is this the amp/sub wiring plug??

On the kenwood there are 2(left and right)output plugs that are round phono type plugs

Is there a way to wire it up so the LR amp/sub works with the kenwood head unit???

Ta very much

Paul B)

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I wired mine up and it seems to work OK.

Those two wires are the ones for the sub, initially I thought one would be the signal and one would be the ground but it appears that they are actually two seperate speaker signal wires, so I just wired each one to the centre pin of a couple of phono plugs and plugged them in, I unplugged the speakers to test and just got some base type sound coming from the rear, so happy at that I reconnected the speakers and it's been like that since - don't really notice it much though - although there is a slight improvement.

I think technically you should connect the other part of the phono plug to ground, but it works without.

I chopped the plug off to make it easier.

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Sounds like you've got a simple one channel feed to the sub - fitting a different plug on the end of it is trivial, so all you really need to know is what the phono sockets on your head unit are. They may be left and right channel pre-amp outputs for amplifying the main speakers rather than bass outputs. I don't think I've ever seen a car head unit with dual channel bass outputs?

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It took me an age to get the rear door sub to work, but it was really worth it!

Most sub speakers have failed now so even if you manage to wire the head unit up OK you may still have problems. If you look at the rear of each speaker cone, it is moved by a really stong magnet. The end of the cone vibrates in a tight air gap in the centre of the magnet. I think that the position of the magnet is critical and was positioned with glue, that has now hardened and failed.

I replaced both of the speakers with a base pair from Maplin (£18 ish). The original grill no longer fits as the new speakers are a different size.

Also check the soldered joints on the printed circuit board, some had failed due to low frequency vibration and age.

Good luck!


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