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What should i be carrying in my LR?


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Hi guys,

i,m very new to this game and was wondering how i could travel more prepared <_< .

i do allot of miles in my 180000 96 disco with a few mods on it, either to an fro work everyday plus try and get away in me pikey van most weekends so loads of towing, and green laneing around north wales is about adventurous i get off road i,m afraid -_-

i was just wondering what everyone was carrying as spares?

so far i have the following

-pretty decent tool kit

-Haynes manual

-water pump

-zip ties

-fan belt





-hi-lift jack

-wheel bearing box spanner



-rubber gloves :blush:

-marked up maps

-rocker cover gasket

-tyre weld cannister

think thats about it....

what type of things are you guys carrying?

should i be adding to my parts with the likes of bearings and seals or am i being over cautious?

what do you carry?

thanks in advance...


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Oils, brake fluid, small jerry can of fuel, hub oil seals and bearings, jubilee clips, spare stub axle (it's easier to change the whole thing when the bearing has welded itself to it). And some rag.

I'm guessing it's a diesel, but if not, spare spark plugs, cap and rotor arm, along with a couple of spare HT leads to get you out of trouble.

The list could be endless, but at the end of the day, carry what you'd be comfortable and confident changing at the road side and what space allows...

Oh, a nice waterproof-backed picnic blanket to lie on, too.....I know - I'm a tart!!

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RAC card and a few tools normally

If and when I go to events

I take seals/gaskets/bearings to re do a couple of hubs

prop UJs spare TREs and a rear propshaft

oil/brake fluid/ATF

Tank tape/cable ties

but greelaning I don't bother

although I do carry compressor and fire extiguishers

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Save weight - lose the Haynes manual ;)

TBH whatever you're carrying, something else will go wrong. A few basic bits (gaffa tape & cable ties, basic fluids, hammer) that will be able to bodge most things, and then it's down to experience of what goes wrong on your truck. Also, there's a lot to be said for preventative maintenance.

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Swivel housing grease,

Bulbs/fuses/wire/electrical connectors

Duct tape,

Short length of heater hose,

Fuel filter,

Spare wheel nut(s),

Silly cone sealant,


I think of everything that will stop an engine running/car moving and carry enough spares/bodge it fixes for that only. So carrying a thermostat isn't essential, cos if yours dies, then you can simply remove it to get home, as with UJ's - you can simply remove the propshaft and run on 2WD. Many gaskets can be made 'in the field' with silicone sealant...

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-water pump


-wheel bearing box spanner

-rocker cover gasket

spare stub axle

Holy biscuits batman, just how little faith to you have in your vehicle for a days outing? am with white 90 on this, as fridge says, gaffer tape, zip ties some water, maybe oil but if you lose your oil when out you have to have done something pretty serious! but wheel bearings? you should notice play in them well before its too late?? a radio and a mobile are about the extras for added safety. just my thinking.




96 XR 400

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I have a couple of wheelbearings/seals etc

zip ties

various tapes

spare washer pump

a few light bulbs/fuses

split pins

few odd nuts and bolts

Various odds and ends of wiring stuff.

Halfords socketset

hub spanner

various screwdrivers, hammers etc

EZ bleed with my patented footpump modification :o

T-Max compressor

5l derv oil



WD40, 3in1

washer fluid

Torch,Rags, gloves, goggles and hi-viz vest

Stove, kettle, Tea, long life milk, sugar ;)

First aid kit, Tyvek overalls, candles

Fire extinguisher - I had one Pre-Si ;)

and an RAC card ;)

My God I carry some rubbish around with me...

Will :)

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Nice one Bill :hysterical:

I forgot to add to my list: Britannia Rescue card :P

As for oil, I only bother carrying engine oil, as gearboxes & diffs can live with engine oil at a push but engines don't like gear oil. You should check & top up oils before going anywhere anyway.

Don't bother carrying a stat - if it goes nipples skywards you can cut the middle out or remove it completely and live with it.

Don't bother carrying gaskets - they're easily damaged, silicone sealant is far more versatile and a party-size tube is far easier to pack.

A useful addition to my toolbox is a couple of hacksaw blades - don't take up much space but can be very handy for all sorts.

There's an often-missed distinction between the list of stuff you carry for general motoring / laning / playing within the coverage of your flatbed taxi vouchers / goodwill of fellow club members with tow-ropes, and the list of stuff you'd take on an expedition or a serious off-roading competition.

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Oh i don't know landies are that bad

The last trip i did I drove 25,000 miles towing a camper trailer of which about 5,000 was off road and about 1000 really hard off road

And all i did was one wheel bearing , 2 brake pipes and a buckled alloy

I carried a hel of alot of gear but that was due to the fact that i was going down tracks that were 2 days drive from the nearest person, town so if you broke down you were sh*ged.

But i would carry it all again :)

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