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Tdi Delphi/cav Lift Pump Ok ??


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Why not just put an electric pump on it? either leave the old one in situ as a blank or take it out and make a plate to cover the hole. A 'leccy pump is really useful when you have to bleed the system, probably a damn site cheaper too.

I guess a petrol one would do the trick, someone over on the 'Antipodean Forum' came up with that idea.


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G'day Jack,

yeah, I also suggested an electric pump to someone on the AULRO forum a few weeks back as one of the fella's on the AULRO mailing list did it a few years ago, (before I found mine leaking).

I was going to buy and fit a Facet (or similar) fuel pump, but I emailed one of the local parts houses yesterday just to see what they could do and they can supply the Delphi one for A$76, incl GST vs A$230+ for a genuine one mail order.

I reckon I'd be hard pressed to buy and fart around fitting an electric one for that, so I was just asking the collective wisdom here if the Delphi/CAV pump was OK.

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