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Let's get technical, technical (Ohh.. Olivia!)


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I need to buy two potentiometers (don't ask why :angry:) . They have some numbers on them which of course now seem to be obsolete, so need to find the closest match. The choice on RS and Farnell is mind boggling and although I have narrowed the choices down, don't know if mine are Linear or Co something or other or Cermet etc. - you get the picture.

They are:

Citec 422P W 10K K - This is a trimmer with a screw adjusted sliding carriage in it that fits in a blue plastic module for panel mounting. Circa 10 turns.

RS X89 36 1K 20% - This is a volume knob panel mount affair which turns about 300 degrees. I have found 1141617 on Farnell site which seems the closest.

I know that there is some cross referencing software available, so hope there is an electronics whizz on here with access to it.

Apologies for the title, but am in the process of going ever so slightly mad... must be the fumes from this blinking vehicle :lol: .

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The important bits are the resistance (in this case 10k and 1k respectively), number of turns (most standard ones are 300 degrees as you describe) and whether the increase is linear or logarithmic - often written as LIN or LOG on the body. Depending on the application this may or may not matter. If they still work you can measure it with a multimeter - turn the knob, if the resistance increases at a constant rate, it's linear. If it increases, err, logarithmically, then it's logarithmic :P

Once you've sussed that, the world is your lobster.

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