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painting galv...... can it be done?


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There is a proper galv primer, it is called "T Wash" made by a company called Mordent I think.

Baileys paints in Stroud Glos stock it, I don't know if they do mail order.

Priming galv is loads easier if the galv has been left outside to dull off before painting.

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Try here http://www.rjstokes.co.uk/

I bought their IR103 (I think, there is a splodge on the label might be R103!) matt black modified vinyl paint sticks to anything including galvanised. Bought it to touch-up the nas galvanised bumper and rear step. Dries very quickly and good with a brush. Used it over an industrial red oxide primer last Xmas on a rebuilt glider trailer made from steel tube (Paul W made the new ladder chassis for me) worked a treat no problems so far. They have been making paint since 1899 so probably know what they are doing!

BTW as suggested above not suitable for new galv.

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The proper way for painting GalvSteel is as follows:

Wash item using alkaline soap solution.

Rinse thoroughly


Apply suitable primer (acid etch)

Paint as required

Totally agree with above just use a decent wash / acid etch primer

or you could aways grind the galv off :lol::blink::lol:

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I used Hammerite Special Metals Primer on a brand new galv chassis, and it SUCKED.

It'd chip even if you just put a spanner down roughly on the chassis. Crazy.

Never again. Just seemed to have no adhesion and very brittle. The galv was totally clean.

I'd use acid etch if I did it again.


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