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Help! No Power To Fuel Pump - 93 V8 EFI Discovery 200 Series

Muddy Funkster

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Hi Folks,

I have searched and searched but cant find the answer to my question.

I have a 3.5l V8 EFI Discovery 200 Series 1993 (with the horrid blue dash) just before the face lift.

I am converting it into a DAKAR so the body has gone but now it wont start.

My problem is that there is no power coming to the fuel pump.

I have metered out the wires and all ok, earth is good etc.

The relay does not put power to the white/purple pump wire. Hence the pump stays dead. I have changed the relay to no avail.

I have connected the pump directally to the battery so I know it works.

There is an imobilser (i think) but no spider as in the 300 series discoveries.

Can anyone help?


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Can you confirm that this is a flapper type. If so you might know this already but the flow meter must be connected properly and then with the ignition on open the flapper by hand this should start the relay hence fuel pump. If not then you'll need to trace the fault from the flow meter.


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It's not a Flapper but a Lucus 14Cux. Have you got power to the fuel pump relay ? If not check the fuel cut off relay. This should be behind the dash (I think). This has a little plunger on it and is to disable the fuel pump in the event of an accident. Failing that you will have to trace the circuit. From memory there should be a feed to the fuel pump relay (via the cut off relay) from the ECU. Or it may go from the fuel pump relay to the cut off relay and then to the fuel pump.


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Managed to sort it today,

The out pipe of the fuel pump snapped off :angry: when trying to remove the pipe to see if pump was pumping so I fitted a new pump unit.

Same problem.

Ran a wire from the battery live to the pump and tried to start it,

No Joy,

Checked Plugs for a spark, No spark :(

Swapped the coil and bingo :D

She fired and ran.

Reconnected correct pump loom and now perfect!

Im sure Cars are like Women, your not supposed to understand them. :rolleyes:

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Three times, over the last few weeks my Dakar (Disco) wont start.

Its not powering the fuel pump, I cannot here it prime I turn on the ignition.

Could it be the relay?

P.S. thanks for all the advice I have gleaned from the forum so far, its great to search a problem, get an expert diagnosis, and fix the problem in seconds :-)

I cant find an answer to this so please help!!!

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The ECU only turns the pump on when it sees the engine turn (by the signal from the coil -ve or ignition amp) and some air flow in the airflow meter. The flapper ones do not prime before this, I don't know about hotwire. Have a look in the tech archive as full diagnostics for both systems have been posted more than once by Hybrid_From_Hell.

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The flappy bit is the airflow meter, which is the box between the air filter and the engine. If you pull in the hose off from the air filter side you will either see a flap (flapper) or not (hotwire). If it's flapper type, you can prod the flap open with your finger with the ignition on and the fuel pump should run (and its relay, under the driver's seat, should click).

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Probably not to do with the airflow meter then - it's not a reset, it's just fooling the ECU into thinking air is flowing and hence that it might be time to start doing things. You can't do that on hotwire, not that it really matters. Chances are you've disturbed a connection in the loom behind the dash, start with the obvious!

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