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What are symptons fo a diff on last legs?

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I have heard a strange noise from my 1993 200 Tdi.

Naturally I assume the worse and think it is diff related. It is only noticable in reverse. I get a clunk/clank and jerky ride while reversing. It is fine going forward at all speeds.

I am hoping that it turns out to be a duff prop UJ, however, it has got me thinking, how woud i know if my diff was on teh way out??

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I get that on my '93 'fender 90... got around 121k showing on the clock. I also get a bit of a 'click/clonk/clash' sort of noise while selecting gears while moving. Changed the driving members on the front about 1.5k ago which 'seemed' to clear the noise, but it's now back with a vengeance. Only other potential symptoms/noises is a droning sound above 65mph - sounds a bit like a wheel bearing (on any other car) - and it really doesn't like full throttle in 4th below 40 or 5th below 45mph, lots of vibration and a kind of rattling like a loose bolt.

My next checks are the prop shaft bolts and the front and rear output shaft bearings on the transfer box... any of that ring true with your problem?


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If you here strange noises while reversing only, it might be that the handbrake mechanism is sticking. Try to release by load os Wd40, if nothing happens, just dismantle, clean and lubricate. had sam eproblem on mine and solved that way.


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