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Speedometer SIII and LT230 compatibility???


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Assuming you could join it up (and ISTR you can do it with a combination of 2-piece speedo cables), the speed would probably be wrong. I have the same problem.

One option is to use a Defender speedo, another is to buy a VDO electronic one and the later electronic speed transducer from an LT230.

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it also depends what tyre size u will be running too.

the series 3 speedo cable will mate to the lt230, reove the series ring that holds the end of the cable in place and use the lt230 retaining clip, its easy as that to bolt em up.

then take it for a spin and see how much its out, lt230's have different ratio speedo drives (def,disco, etc)which are interchangeable so you might be able to get it close enough.

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Depending on your tyre size you might find that a km/h series speedo will give a close approximation to the correct speed in mph - its what I did on the last coiler88 I built, distance recording might be a bit out tho. The cable fits as Tonk says.




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