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Climb Kili for Kids


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hi guys,

I know im still pretty new here and as such nobody really knows me but this isnt really about me so here goes:

In June 2008, a group of students from Leeds including myself will be travelling out to Tanzania to climb the mighty Kilimanjaro in aid of Child Reach International and to raise money for children in the developing world to have a better quality of life, an education, and a chance to make a brigher future for themselves and their countries. In order to make this chance of a lifetime trip, we need to each raise £2000 for the charity. A more than worthwhile task! Whilst in Tanzania, I shall also be spending time at one of the schools that the money raised will help, assisting them with maintenance and other tasks I can turn my hand to.

Founded in 2003, ChildReach International is an innovative children's charity that works with communities in some of the world's poorest regions, helping them to give their children a brighter future. Thanks to our support children are able to escape a life of grinding poverty and reach their full potential. We believe that: *Every child has the right to enough food, clean water and shelter *Every child has the right to a good education *Every child has the right to a good health service *Every child has the right to live in a loving environment without fear of abuse or violence. Your donation will be used to continue our vital work. If you would like the money spent in a specific area where we work please get in touch

Charity Registration No 1106490

If any of you feel that you might be willing and able to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit my page at


thankyou all for your time


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