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Flared arch kit for 4 door, fitting questions


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Has anyone fitted a arch kit to a 4 door? Im happy with what im doing on the front arches but it's cutting the doors that i'm a bit puzled about so if anyone has any advice i would be much apreciated.

Cheers Brookers

I've sorted the front ones - piece of err (easy) - I'm doing the rears in the next couple of weeks so I'll take loads of photos and post em up and tell you the bad bits. (measure once - measure twice - thrice is the answer) and buy yourself a nibbler it's worth every penny



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errr ... jules ;) ... where exactly did you want to drive to in that pic ?? :) looks like a very brave attempt to drive up a truly vertical wall, being at a 90deg. angle to the track ?:)


this is me stuck but you can see my arches

I filled the gaps with mastic to stop the crud fulling them up.

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I drove in and Will Warn can back me up when I said " my 90 used to struggle with this but Johns not far away" then promptly got wedged.

There is a track strait on but its still tough going for a 100' truck its not visible in the pic.

That's why I like the site its very technical driving but can be a little damaging

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