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Very interesting...

Thanks Tobes.

Santana site

Copying is the sincerest form of flatery I guess although I guess they were in cahoots with LR, I'd like to see one of these though: The Land Rover 109" "Rural Taxi" is launched, with 5 doors and a second row of forward-facing seats.

LR & Santana used to be in partnership many years ago Santana were building underr licence for the Spanish area market, it all ended about 84 or 86, then Santana went one thier own to build their version of the Series 3 note the PS10 is on parabolic leaf springs Not coils as per a 90/110.

this is the station wagon version, good engine but not impressed with the interior, some more pics here



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I've driven a PS10, IMHO LR could learn a lot from them - they're a bit basic (but then they're aimed more at the commercial market) but they go really well and seem to overcome a few LR design faults that have been around forever. Apart from the headlights which I'm not overly sure about, I'd have one over a LR.

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Apparently THIS is the Santana 'replacement'..... now called the Iveco Massif

There is a thread on Mud club HERE, Not too sure on the graphics down the side but it looks like a nice vehicle for work, would certainly be more preferable than the old hilux (with NO windows and only 1 door :o ) that we have on the farm!!

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