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BF Goodrich tyres... white lettering out or in??

White lettering? in or out  

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  1. 1. yes or no?

    • Lettering in? (so the tyre looks all black)
    • Lettering outwards? (bling-tastic)

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  • 8 years later...

By coincidence I bought a set of BFG All-Terrain today for my unmodified Defender 90 SW and the first thing the tyre fitter asked was which side I wanted the lettering. This took me by surprise but after vexing over it for 5 minutes I opted for ‘in’. It probably helped that the manager asked me, “Did I want to go pirate?” :o  Afterwards I felt the need to check on popular opinion and stumbled across this thread!

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There's only one problem with having the white lettering facing in as Mutley's picture above proves....

When you catch a glimpse of the white lettering on the inside, it looks like you have accidentally gone out with your clothes inside out!:P

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Out! Life would be boring if we all wanted them to look like ex-military vehicles. I'm always amazed that how a vehicle that can cost their owners thousands of pounds to modify/personalise and improve seems to be frowned upon when they're not battered/bruised and covered in 30years worth of crud.

Not a thing that tends to keep me awake at night worrying about though....


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If the tyre manufacturer wants my vehicle to be a roving advert, they'll have to give me the tyres for free.  

I had the tyres reversed when I bought my RRC as the PO had fitted BFG ATs white-out.  I don't like that on a Defender (and it's very out of character on a Series), but on a RRC, it's plain vulgar! ;)

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  • 1 year later...

It's that time again! Topic revival!

I think it depends on the looks of the car and paint color, I'm having General Grabber TR's at the moment but will be swapped next week for the BFGoodrich AT KO2, white lettering in or out!? I'm leaning towards lettering in like it sits now.. 


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Lettering inside, lettering outside is one of the most heinous forms of style crime.

If you do put the lettering on the outside don't be surprised if people point and laugh or if mothers quickly avert their child's view.

Mo 😎

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it depends on the paint. If the paint is immaculate, flat and a red or a white, then, sure. Even yellow might work.




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I disagree, it can look very well on a California inspired truck.

Once upon a time I had a Datsun Patrol(*) that came with California styling. Wide arches. Gold alloys, BFGs, white fibre glass top, black windows, bull bars and shiny red paint job. 


It was a very confident bling, well before bling was a thing, and everyone else was driving Toyota Corollas.


If you are going for extravert: White on the outside.


* 3.3 six cylinder diesel, thirsty but smooth and powerful compared to the 2286 diesel I had before.

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5 minutes ago, monkie said:

I'm not bothered by the lettering being in or out, it's alloys being fitted to a utility vehicle that really causes me upset :blink:

This is it. Horses for courses. 

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