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X-Fan Switch


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With the viscous unit packing up on the tdi about 2 years ago i thought i would go for an electric fan setup. having sourced a fan (well 2 from Walfy) i wired them in on a 3 way switch so i could have off (for wading) 1 on and both on. After nearly cooking the engine having not manually turned them on once i decided a thermostatic switch was required.

Could i find one at the time - no such luck! Well not quite true Demon Tweaks had one and at the time it was the only thing suitable so i parted with nearly £80 IIRC for the variable temp switch kit and plumbed that into the single fan on switch.

There then followed two years of problems, some times the fan worked, sometimes you need to manually switch both on then back to one to get it to kick in, i was for ever (or so it seemed) changing the temp it should cut in at as it seemed to be affected by ambient temps.

The last straw was about a month ago it gave up and defaulted to permanently on. so for £80 it lasted 2 years (just) never worked properly at all over the period and was a real pain.

Luckily in the meantime X-Eng had brought out their X-Fan setup and things couldn't have been better or easier, for 35 odd quid its simple to install and with no gizzmos it gives you a straight two temp setting option for one or two fans to run off or manual override both on, and even comes with some wiring options, far better than the DT version and half the price! If only it had been out first time around.

And why did i buy it, word of mouth, DSN and TJ101 have them fitted and since fitting them have had no temp issues what so ever, both having had them for over a year, plus i know if i did have a problem X-Eng would sort it.

So really just a thank you to X-Eng for producing yet another top product that works brilliantly and is well priced. (if only it had come out earlier!!!)

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