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Just changed my thermostat


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I have just changed my thermostat using Les's instructions at http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=10681 (thanks). In the instructions it said there are 2 plugs plugged in to the bottom of the elbow, and there's a picture to support this. But on mine, there are no plugs, and I can't see any loose. Does it matter? My temp gauge on the dash works, the reason for me changing the thermostat is I suspected it was stuck open as it took ages (like an hour) to get hot.

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There's another difference between the 300tdi in that topic (apart being in a Defender) and the one in your your Disco and you can see that in the first three pictures there: the Defender has AC and your Disco doesn't.

The temp sender driving the temp gauge is not in the elbow but at the bottom of the other half of the thermostat housing, close to where it bolts to the cylinder head (you can see its connector behind the yellow one in the 2nd picture of that thread).

The plugs that go to the bottom of the elbow connect to 2 temp switches (part of the AC circuitry): one is a cutoff switch for the AC compressor (the one in front) and the other controls the second AC electric fan in front of the condenser/radiator.

So, no AC => no temperature switches on the elbow.

Here's another picture from a Disco without AC and without connectors to the elbow:


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