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Series 3 doors


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I am busy restoring (returning to the road......!!) a 1980 series 3 88inch

I have refit the rear body after chassis repairs and that has bolted down and fit where it should, it has joined in line wiht the sill panels etc....

However, on fitting the doors there does not seem to be enough room to close them - do they have any adjustment? (they are the newer defender type hinges)

Has anyone else experienced this problem??

Also this landy is dark grey - were they produced in dark grey from the factory?


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Big Hammer!

Last time I had mine apart for a rebuild I had to use quite an amount of shim from the chassis front tub mounts to leave enough gap for the doors.

There is some play on the hinges if you loosen all the screws but this only helps if the hole is big enough for the door.

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Loosen everything, get it all lined up and then tighten it up again! :blink:

Depending what you've been doing, if the back end is reasonably unchanged then get the tub bolted in so t he rear X-member is holding it square, then line everything up working forwards. If you've had the bulkhead off, that has some jiggle in it too which will obviously affect the doors (among other things).

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