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OT - 1960's lawnmower

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As the title really...it's a Suffolk Punch from circa 1960. It's got a points/condensor/big coil of wire type ignition system, but the big coil of wire has a short between two of the three wires. Any ideas how I can get my hands on a new one? Tried fleabay, and even though I can get a whole mower for £1 it seems a little overkill...

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i have lots of ideas of how to get hands on a mower, most result with fingers off!!! just thought i woudl add something pointless here (sorry James) before the p*** artists arrive to remind me of a recent accident!

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I had actually considered megasquirt...or rather a homemade ignition/fuel system. Only problem is a lack of electricity to run it...might be able to do something with lots of wire and the current laminated iron pickup to generate 12v - then use an ignition coil to fire the spark. Fuel injector instead of carb, O2 sensor in exhaust....wonder if I can do electronic control of the valves as well... hmmmmmmm

Vapour anyone?

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