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Hello all

Ok, I have spoken to Peter and the weekend is going to be April 8 & 9th 2006. The weekend before Easter.

Greenlaning roadbooks will be provided for the Saturday for those wanting to make a weekend of it. I'll get a good mix of lanes together :P :P

On Sunday we will have sole access to Bures for the day, thanks to Peter, Petergg. Chris Watts, GBMUD, will be setting out a Winch Challenge course. Peter's insurance is for play days only, so although teams will have punch cards and these will be totalled up so they know how they did, it will be non competitive. Format will be very similar to Bampton, with a stop for lunch.

We are going to arrange camping and a BBQ etc. This can't be at a site, but Peter is going to see about a local farmers farm, or I can sort something out. People can either take this option, or there's a campsite at Colchester or plenty of affordable B&B's nearby.

The Winch Challenge will be 2 vehicle teams. For those that haven't tried a winch challenge before there will be plenty of people to help out and advise so don't be put off by entering. We will limit it to max of 18 teams just to keep numbers manageable and there will be various grades of punches. PM me to enter a team.

If you don't wish to take part in Winch Challenge, don't worry you can still come along and spectate/marshal and play in areas that aren't too congested.

Cost for Bures is 20 pounds per vehicle. Bures is about 5-6miles NW of Colchester, and about 5 miles south of Sudbury.. Google Map of Bures with directions about as far away fromLynton as we could manage ;););)

As Peter is laying on the site for the day, I'll aim to collect the 20 pounds entry fee about a month in advance. Let me know if you have any questions, and add the date to your diary.

I hope this date works out well for most and places for Tony's bash etc filled up very quickly so get your name down soon :)



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places for Tony's bash etc filled up very quickly so get your name down soon

I'll be the first then :)

Bish Fancy dragging my ass teaming up again? :blink:

Depending on a few things might have a winch by then to even the load.

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Yep, I'm up for it Mark.

Steve - put us down for a place please! I suppose it is about time we travelled to the mystic east! :P

Mark - do you best to reach into your pockets and get that winch fitted - I want a go being stuck for a change!!!!! :lol::lol:

So who wants to biatch for me? Mark90 are you going to have a vehicle by then...?

Edited to add - Waaaah, Google says 5hrs from my place!!! That'll be an early start then!! ;)

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yes there is a service station just off the A12 on the A1124 at Eight Ash Green.

if you go from Colchester/Sudbury there are service stations in Sudbury approx 6miles from Bures

There is (or was last time I was there) a petrol station in Bures village, about half a mile from the site. Rather dear though IIRC.


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OK so far we have...

Fi, Verydisco with Rob, Robhyrid tbc

Tim, TJ101

Mark, M005 with Charles, BishBosh

Mo, Mo Murphy

Richard, DarthDicky and maybe James, JST

Tony, White 90 with Nick, Tangoman

for the winch challenge, so up to 11 teams left ;);) but going fast!! :P

Matt, series3_mad are you wanting to enter as well, or attending?

For those attending to drive, marshal, set-up, get stuck laugh at those getting stuck etc we have..


Chris Watts

paradigm shift

I'll keep you updated and nearer the event I'll start sorting out numbers and potential groups for laning.


Steve :)

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