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Lucky man....

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"And here, I have 1,100 transfer boxes at £450 each, and these gearboxes - I've got 800 of them - are £2,000 each."
Mr Hobson reckons the bits in his barn are worth at least £25m ($50m) - and conceivably more than twice that, depending on how much his customers are willing to pay for them.

Now you know where your tax money is going... :o

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I'll be that's a damn sight less than they spend with Land Rover.

reckon so:

Hobson Industries sells the reconditioned parts at half the official Land Rover list-price, regardless of costs, and the components come with a two-year warranty, compared with a one-year warranty on new parts.
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My first thought was that if he cleaned and resold items from broken motors and rebuilds engines from parts that are worn from running in different engines then they ain't gonna last very long!

However he offers a 2 year warranty (mind you I bet that just covers a replacement part in the same condition).

Doubt he would deal with the likes of us just governments?

Either way fiar play to him, I am not sure if L-R see him as a pain or someone who keeps L-R sales going?

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Anyone else got a copy of the Land Rover Directory he published in the late eighties??

Yep somewhere on a shelf..it was only done one year IIRC , good idea at the time.

All power to him , very green to rework rather than crush 'em and make new from new materials

..of course it should have been Steveb Industries really :lol:



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