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Ladoga 2007 DVDs - UPDATE !

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Posting Jen's DVD is torture since she can't watch it till they get back from the US, only a month to go!

True!! 'tis really evil :angry:;):lol:

No worries, gives me a good reason to come home ;)

Thanks for the efforts of all combined... 24hour Petal on re-run.... coooooooooool. B)

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Спасибо, шахта приехали это утро. Я буду устанавливать вплоть до вахта оно более поздно. В среднем времени, спасибо за идти к тревоге делать это для совсем concerned.

For those who don't have a cyrillic keyboard,

Thanks, Mine arrived this morning.

I shall be settling down to watch it later. In the mean time, thanks for going to the trouble of doing this for all concerned.

Cheers :i-m_so_happy:

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Got mine today! Went something like this:

swmbo: heres the post for you, what is it?

me: Its a dvd

swmbo: what is it, whys it got russian on it?

me: Oh its some high quality pron. :ph34r:

swmbo: no its not, its about Land Rovers isn't it, :rolleyes: you sad barsteward! :P

Thanks to HFH and all for sorting this out.. :D


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DVD arrived Friday morning, watched Friday evening, will have chance to watch it again on Sunday.

Thanks to all those involved in production and distribution.

I've heard a rumour that in next years sequel that the nice English man, who saves peoples lives, wins!!!


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Recieved mine this morning, my six year old son was glued to it this afternoon.

The wife thinks he's going to turn into a "Land Rover Freak" also but he has years to go before getting the symptoms.

It must be a late developing hereditary thing as I didn't catch the "sickness" from my dad until I was 30ish (and my first series 3).

I think it starts with wanting parabolic springs....... :P

Big thanks to Nige and all those involved for the work they put in.




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