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Limited slip diffs

Gareth Dickens

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Forgive me for I have sinned.....It has been 2 years since my last confession. (Coincidentally as long as I've had my Landy).

After destroying my front diff I put an ENV in. Now I have killed my gearbox and have found a Ford C6 (auto) gearbox as replacement. ( I have a Ford 255 cu inch (4.2l) V8 in my Landy) Direct bolt on, very cheap - R1500 (100 pounds sterling). I also got a Ford F250 Xfer case.

Now to get to a point, I have spent a few hours around a lot of F250 spares. To me the Sallisbury and Dana 44 (from Dana Spicer) look identical barring their ratio. So does the ENV and Ford 9". I have been told that the innards of the Dana and Sallisbury can be swapped. Is this true? If so the limited slip kits for the Dana is very cheap.

Does all this work for the ENV and Ford 9" diffs?

Can I have limited slip diffs front and rear?

We need boffins/fundis

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LandRover Salisbiury diffs are Dana 60 size. ENV diffs are quite a bit bigger internally than 9''Fords, although the crownwheel and pinion is not as strong. There is a Salisbury equivelant to the Dana 44 that was fitted to some Jaguars. The excellant limited slip diffs for both Salisbury and Dana are called Power Lock and are also available for D60's and could be fitted to landRover Salisbury if new halfshafts were made to suit . Almost anything can be adapted but fitting a LSD to your ENV front diff would entail a fair bit of machining. Some LSD's are less suitable for front axle application than others. PowerLock LSD's are quite good up front because they are not preloaded. To get them to lock or tighten up when crossaxled requires brake pedal modulation.

Why not try to fit the front and rear axle/diff assemblies from the Ford F250 under your LandRover?


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