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P38 coil Conversion

Mo Murphy

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Rover Renovations Set the currency box in the top RH corner to British Pounds, then start to browse after the screen refresh.

That is what you wanted really, wasn't it?


(On 28th October 2007 a UK resident quoted typical prices:

"Just an annual MOT test in the UK would cost you $120 & that's if everything is 100%.

If they fail the car, on something like a couple of radious arm bushes & a retest fee, the bill would be approx $700 aus.

Cigarettes are $14 for twenty. petrol/diesel is approx $9 a gallon. "

Rover Renovations owner responded:

"no wonder I"m shipping so much to the UK, it only costs pennies right now...").

http://rangerovers.net/forum/viewtopic.php...ghlight=#141260 if you want the complete thread.


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Personally Iwould check with your insurance company first, they may have something

to say about it. If they let you go through with the modification get it confirmed in writing.

The reason for this is that the P38 has never been fitted with or type-approved with

coil springs.

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Just to update on this one. The chum with the air suspension problem opted to have 2ks worth of repairs done rather than face the risks of falling foul of his insurance company.



As in £2000?

All you need is a set of Arnott bags, and then the overhaul kit from Rover Renovations.

All can be done DIY.

He could have bought Faultmate diagnostics from BBS and replaced all the height sensors as well

and still ended up with change.

What work was actually done for £2K :o

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