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Finally got around to make a converter for the wetroads database file to go into some common apps.

The convertor will take the fords.dbf file and output

o csv format of all fields (though you can read it into open office and things to do that if you want, as I found out later.. )

o WPT file for OziExplorer (tested and works, though the markers are in the right spot lat/long wise, the OS grid ref is a better position)

o TOM TOM POI (haven't tried this yet, need to bring the pda in and try it)

o Memory Map CSV format, I was going to do an mmo file, but I have struggled to find the format, and without some known test data deciphering the format was a bit boring for 1am last night

I was wondering if I could send the memory map file to someone to try, since I don't use it but I know a lot of you do. After I test TOM TOM I will make a copy of the exe available somewhere (can the forum host it, I lost my webspace when I went to BT a few months ago).

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I was wondering if I could send the memory map file to someone to try, since I don't use it but I know a lot of you do. After I test TOM TOM I will make a copy of the exe available somewhere (can the forum host it, I lost my webspace when I went to BT a few months ago).

Nice work! I'd be happy to test the Memory Map file, and if you need a host for it, just ask -assuming it's not too big ;)

Can you not FTP it up to the http://vamp.idlers.org/~jaffa/ site?

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It is about ready to go out, so V8Freak may be telling you all where to get it.

It currently stands as:

* OziExplorer output - status - tested

* MemoryMap output - status - tested

* Google Earth - status - tested[1]

* TomTom (5) - status - tested[2]

* straight CSV output - status - tested

[1] It's really messy, there a lot and you end up with the big push pins. I might have a look again at some point.

[2] The data *is* in TT, honest, but the icons don't display, not a clue why at the moment. I even added another ford manually and that showed up, looked at the modified file and it only has the expected differences.

I think this might be because the POI's aren't split into smaller areas, it's just the UK at the moment. You can use it to search nearby fords, and it can warn you if you are near one (so you can go drive through it :) ).

The data is as found at wet roads, though i am filtering any Global, Canada and USA entries at present as wet roads is 99.9% UK and the other stuff mucks it up a little, so you need to download the application and the database from wet roads to convert.


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With the TomTom output fully working now, here it is!

WetRoads Converter (Right-click and 'Save As...' if you have problems).

You need to download the DBF from WetRoads from the 'GIS' page, the link is underneath the main map on the right.

Many thanks to Steve for this really handy little app, have fun peeps, I know I will be ;)


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Wet roads have been contacted, I see no issue with the transformation of their data, but the google earth output ties to his website, (well the version on my computer does :) ) so I have contacted him to make sure that it is OK before I release a version with a, IMHO, nice interface in GE to see more info on the fords, it was fun last night being able to find a ford on the map, look at the sat imagery and then the photos on wet roads.

I've also asked him to consider hosting the tool, that way if he changes the format of the database he should tell me and i can modify as needed.

If anyone has any DBF (dBase, Foxpro and lots of others) that they want to convert give me a shout and I can release some C# classes to read the file for them.

Oh, and thanks to Bowie, who bravely sacrificed his TomTom after using the versions before this ones output :)

If anyone wants the complete C# code then contact me, it shouldn't be a problem to let it go.


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You download the Zipped up DBF from wetroads, unzip it to somewhere handy, like your desktop, then use the 'wetroadsconvertor.exe' to convert it into any format you like....

Like so:


I may not have understood your question quite right, I am 3 strong German beers down and counting......



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OK, these instructions are 1 1/2 bottle of wine down, so may not be all they could :wacko:

How To use converter:

1) use the select DBF button to select the wet roads dbf file, this can be downloaded from the GIS page on wet roads, it's down below the map

2) choose an output location and a file name (you don't need to add the extension, it will be done for you) such as "c:\fords" via the "Select Output Folder and name" button

3) Choose your format via the drop down box next to the convert button

3a) if you are going to output to TomTom then you might want to export the icon for tomtom now as well by pressing the "TT icon" button, it has to be the exact same name as the ov2 file created to show the icon in TomTom.

4) hit convert, it won't take long (on my machine it's done in a blink)

5) Go and view the generated file in the appropriate application.

Output info:

CSV - (Comma Seperated Values) useful for just browsing, will open in excel, notepad, and others, straight text format

WPT - OziExplorer format, use load waypoints menu option to get them into maps.

POI - TomTom point of interest file (generates a file of the form fords.ov2 and when you export fords.bmp for icon). Drop this in the MAP folder, i.e. great_britain_map_plus on my PDA and it will be picked up. Use TT to enable thier display etc.

MMCSV - this is another CSV format (so still text) which will import into Memory Map, I don't know much more than that, as I don't use MM

KML - Google Earth file, to use open from Google Earth or you will probably get away with double clicking. The fords can mostly be opened and the text clicked to open the page on wetroads to view details.

Other stuff:

The arrowed buttons bottom right can be used to peer into the database by moving through records, it doesn't do anything else. The data will be displayed to the left of them

The field above that shows the fields from the DBF and the last modified date for the info within it.

About button - Kudos

Hope that helps, Bowie is being kind enough to host for me, however it should switch over to being hosted on wet roads soon (as well).

Bowies image above is a good reference to what formats it supports and the general interface.

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Cheers Guys, didn't know it was within the .zip file download, I'll have a look in the morning :D

well I've got as far as dowmloading the Zip file & extracting it, all I get is a blank page icon with.dbf next to it, when I try to open it it just ask for the file format & can't go any further, this is on a Vista laptop by the way & does the same on my XP Home desk PC too.

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You got the application and data file on the same machine now ? If so, jump on MSN and I'll help you through.. If not.. Got a CR RW, or memory stick ?


Both on my laptop & in the Memory map overlay folder, I haven't got a memory stick, got some CDR's though but no CDRW's, managed to get it imported into MM & all the marlers show up on the Map when opened.

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Sounds like you cracked it then.. Loads of markers all over UK showing where Fords / wet roads are....

It doesn't have one that's less than 10 miles from you Neal ;) . I must get round to taking some pics and post it up. Needed my winch and got soaked getting out :rolleyes: .



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Nice one, thanks for that.

Incase anyone else is still struggling, I've converted to all possible formats and uploaded to Rapid Share. (you don't need a premium account - if you don't know how to get it let me know and I'll post instructions).

Fords as CSV (Comma Seperated Values)

Fords as KML (Google Earth)

Fords in Memory Map format

Fords as WPT (OziExplorer Waypoint)

Fords as TomTom POI (OV2)

Ford road sign image - can be used on TomTom and Google Earth - don't know about the others

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Sorry BB mate, but that Rapid Share site is just plain nasty! I extract the DB myself thx.

I know RS isn't brilliant, but some people were struggling with it, I couldn't think of a better way to help them. I've had a lot of good help from LR4x4 in the short time I've been a member, just wanted to give a little back. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to upload them to the post as an attachement - I'll read the rules properly and act accordingly. :rolleyes:



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