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Defender lower spring mounting

Les Henson

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Vehicle shown is a 1990 90 and the lower spring mount (which is welded to the axle), has corroded to the point where it's likely to collapse. Paddocks sell a replacement bracket for about a fiver, and this is how to do the job. Jack up the vehicle under the axle, remove the road wheel, and place an axle stand as high as possible under the chassis. Lower the jack until the majority of the vehicle weight is in the stand, but leave the jack in place. Grip the lower body of the shock absorber with a pair of stillsons or similar and remove the 19mm nut/s.


Lift the shock up, retrieve the rubber bushes and dome washers, then tie the shock out of the way.


The bottom of the spring should be secured by a plate with two 17mm M10 bolts (this has a couple of 13mm nuts/bolts in.


You should just be able to get a socket/spanner in between the spring coils to undo the two bolts.


The retaining plate is split, so I'll weld it up.


Once the retaining plate is removed, lower the jack down so that the axle hangs. The spring should then lift out - along with the lower spring seat.



The rotted bracket is then exposed.


If the rust is really bad, then chap the area around the bracket and any loose stuff will fall off.


One of these knotted wire wheels in an angle grinder are excellent for removing heavy rust.



Mark the point where the old bracket is, cut the old one off, and then grind any residue away to a clean surface.




The replacement bracket - 5mm thick and looks good quality except for the missing nuts welded to the underside.


I'm using a MIG welder, so a clean area nearby for the earth contact (shock lower mount).


I wanted to use the original fittings, so I spot-welded a couple of M10 coarse thread nuts to the bracket.



Position the nex bracket on the axle - using the previously made reference points.


Weld it on, realise you just did a carp weld, gring it off and do a slightly better one!




Coat the bracket and axle with whatever takes your fancy - this is spray underseal.


Replace the spring seat, spring, spacer washers and bolts. Jack the axle back up and re-fit the shock absorber.


Replace the wheel, then axle stand and lower the vehicle back down to the ground.


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excellent thread Les.

I have done this recently and it is really as simple as you have explained.

I made my own spring seats out of box section though,

my advice to anyone going to do this is to do both sides, if one side is rusty then there is a good chance the other side is just as bad


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