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Power steering box leak


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I have replaced a seal cost £15and worked a treat, take the box out, leave the arm on until you have it on the bench in a vice, it easier to get off then. Not a difficult job if you have the right tools, big socket. big lever/breaker bar, pullers, joint seperater.

If the shaft is pitted by rust its time to swap the box.


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James (brother in law) got his seals done at Blackdown LR - wellington way for £50 if i remember correctly. same symptons as yours, leaking from bot seal. that included them taking it off the veh.

Paddocks do them with and without drop arms.

Is Adwest the one up near Reading? if not there is one up near Reading who were knocking them out for £175 replacment complete drop arm good to go etc. i have used them in the past but typically cant find the details.

Is this a result of fitting a new pump then?

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Blackdown are on the Cullompton-Honiton road the mech there is an ex army bloke who worked in SHB exeter previously.

Adwest are in reading I believe and thier boxes do have the drop arm fitted.

£165+£50 Surcharge+carr +VAT = £263 approx

Western power steering will rebuild mine in a 48hr turnround for £125+Vat no carr apart from some Scrump Jack for Mark.

I'll keep an eye on the seal if it starts to weep or show any sign of ATF

I'll take the box off

a seal if a cheap fix but I really think once off it needs to be rebuilt/replaced with a refurb'd unit

as if I changed the seal and it leaked I'd be fed up.

Western sound good on th ephone and I keep my own box

Adwest are the original manufacturers refurb'd unit and approx £125 more once the units are posted etc.

if the seal does show a leak after the Wynns stop leak has been added a new seal isn't going to suffice IMHO

as the bearing/shaft will almost certainly have caused the seal to fail. A rebuild/replace seems the only choice I think.

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  • 5 years later...

My series 1 which is fitted with a 4 bolt Adwest has been marking it's territory so I took it off. As I did'nt have the chunky circlip pliers it was delivered to my local friendly garage.

The box was disassembled and fitted with new seals on the sector shaft.....but the adjuster screw on the casting was siezed so the seals were damaged trying to reinsert the shaft splines several times against the side pressure without success.

Eventually the hot axe came out and released the screw but with damaged seals it just made the mot test and then started dumping fluid again.

I have now got 2xseal sets so we will try again, including the autosol treatment on the shaft.

Incidentally, the bottom bearing is a caged roller not a bush. I am contemplating machining up a bronze bush replacement with an internal O ring to add a further seal to the line of defence if it continues to leak after the next operation..

I have now also found out that the seals can be removed without stripping the box, remove the circlip whilst still on the Landie and the pump will push out the seal if the steering is cycled, sounds a bit messy though.

Alternative on the bench is to drill the washer under the clip to fit a couple of self tappers and use pliers to get it out. (There is a new one in the kit.)

Getting the washer off without one of the above get arounds is frustrating and nigh impossible, we tried magnets, tweezers screwdrivers, picks etc all failed in our first attempt.

Dropping the box is dead easy on my S1 it takes 20 minutes as the wings are externally bolted into a tapped aluminium angle plate so I can sit on the tyre to unbolt the heavy lump once the wing is off.

Recon boxes in Cyprus cost an arm and a leg and shipping one from UK adds another leg.

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