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12v dc buzzer required


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single sound would be ideal

loud enough if mounted inside to be heard outside with the doors closed.

not loud enough to wake the dead though please

I might have something like this kicking around in the bottom of a tool box some where but I dont know if it is loud enough.

RS 3 tone panel mount sounder

depending which wires are used and their orientation you have a choice of 3 irritating pitches of buzzer.

link dosent seem to work but a search on rs web site for 3 or 4 tone panel mount sounder should come up with same thing.

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I've got one at home - I was going to use it to warn that the fans were off but went with a light instead.

I'll trade it for an ARB diff seal change.... oh, that's right, you already did that!! ;):lol:

I'll try and remember to dig it out and will post tomorrow.


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