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1.8 engine - drain & refill coolant


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Since my freebie seems to have plain water in it at the moment, I'm going to drain & refill with some proper anti-freeze. However, someone (probably Jules) told me there's a few bleed points to be used when doing so to ensure the system works OK.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where these may be and what the procedure is (if there is a set one)?

Oh and is the Haynes manual for the freebie worth having or a waste of space? I know how a spanner works, so it's more down to wiring diagrams / specific procedures for doing stuff which sometimes they get right but sometimes gloss over or (irritatingly) refer you to a specialist <_<

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Do you have a photo copier as I can lend you a copy but I only used if for finding things.

talk to dave he will have some Rav cd's for your car knocking around if not I have some you can copy

Its somthing to do with the very small water feed at the back of the head but I will let those with more knowladge explane from here.

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The 1.8 engine is the K-series Rover engine. The cooling system has to be bled if it has been drained. I start the engine and slowly fill it with the engine ticking over. The bleed valve is on the Passenger side - under the coil pack. There's a thin pipe coming from the inlet manifold to the header tank and a couple of times I have had to remove the pipe and unblock the short metal piece that sticks out with a small screwdriver - you should be getting a small flow of water out of there.


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