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Totally O/T- looking for Music


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Hi Guys,

totally OT, but i'm looking to expand my music collection as i am feeling a little bored with my current, not insiginifican collection.

So i'm looking for anything over the last 30 years which is worth listening to- i'm not fussy but it must have that "something" and not have aged too badly. Modern is good too.

Anything really- just make some suggestions



p.s. vaguely land rover related as the tracks will be going into the in-car PC to ease the journey to the lakes and other expeditions.

p.p.s i'll even consider listening to the trucking music that GB MUD sometimes subjects passengers to (purely for it's comedic value of course :P:D )

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Well for what it's worth...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Faith No More

Rage Against the Machine

Cypress Hil



Public Enemy


Pearl Jam

Stone Temple Pilots

Beastie Boys

Massive Attack


....and.......Miles Davis.

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Queens Of The Stone Age. Albums:

Queens of The Stone Age

Rated R

Songs For The Deaf

Lullabies to Paralyze

Era Vulgaris

All great albums, and by far the most original modern rock band I know of IMHO.

May take a little bit of getting used to and the occasional track will throw you as well as some tracks being very dark.

I woud advise search on YouTube and listen to Go with the flow, No one Knows, Little Sister and Feel Good Hit of the Summer (some nice videos to go with it)

Josh Homme (originally of KYUSS) has changed the line up on the band over the years so there is always a change in direction and influence in the music.

By far my most favourite band of all time.

**OOps also forgot to mention to watch out for Dave Grohl on Drums (Nirvana, Foo Fighters fame)



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Hey Guys, keep em coming

AndyB i think you must have stolen my CD collection :)

some great suggestions:



joy division

tears for fears


Peter Gabriel

Phil Collins

one of my own for people:

Live- album called throwing copper is an absolute gem- really really really good and i never meet anyone who has actually listened to it!

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highlights from my (random) travelling collection.

Johnny Cash - the man was a legend

Scissor Sisters - camp disco but oh so catchy

Stewboss - fairly unknown in england, go to youtube there's a couple on there

Ministry - Jesus Buitlt My Hotrod is fantastic with good use of a V8, again on youtube

The Orb - little fluffy clouds is legendary

Less Than Jake

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My ideal music would consist of:

1) Rather a lot of Pink Floyd for the relaxed stuff.

2) As much Metallica as you can get your mits on.

3) Everything AC/DC have ever done.

4) The White Stripes.

5) You owe it to yourself to check out a band called Gov't Mule. After Floyd & Metallica, my favorite ever band. Blues/Southern Rock style, bit like Lynrd Skynrd.

6) Anything by Led Zeppelin.

7) Bit of Iron Maiden (dont be surprised when you look down singing along to "Run to the Hills" to find your Landy doing 140 mph!!)

8) A little of The Pogues perhaps?

9) A selection of sing-along oldies that make you smile...."Build me up Buttercup" is wonderful for this!

10) If you like rocking out, you need to hear a band called Down, especially the album "A Bustle in your Hedgerow." Simply stunning!


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