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how to straighten a bent from bumper

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Have an ex mil 110, and the front bumper has obviously been jerked by the centre pin at some stage before I got it,

Can anyone think of a way of putting it back to correct straightness ?

Its only an inch out but looks naff.

I have thought about removing it and then driving over it, but not sure this would have desired effect...

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Never tried, but I would've thought that driving over it would - at best - do nothing and may make it worse...

Possibly it would go with careful use of a press?...

Or perhaps (accidentally) you could carefully square up to one of those hefty steel bollards that they have near cash machines and give it a few nudges? They are supposed to stop JCBs I heard (although I doubt it myself)... Second thoughts - maybe that's not such a good idea after all - imagine the security video :lol:;):lol:

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I bent the end of my standard U section bumper on a tree relatively easily.

They are quite difficult to straighten. I looped a strop over the end, other end on a tree, engage reverse. Took a few tugs :ph34r: There is quite a bit of spring in it.

The centre of the mil number is a full square section, so I'd say it'd take a bit of effort.

If you can't cut and weld it, I'd drive smartly and squarely into a big tree :D

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I'd drive smartly and squarely into a big tree :D

I'd get someone else to drive it smartly and squarely into a big tree... Then you can blame someone when it doesn't work/ knackers it (or something else) completely and most importantly they leave the forehead impression on the inside of the windscreen not you!! :D

I would love to know how someone managed to bend one of those as they are designed to be squaddie proof (If that is possible?)


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