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Central Locking Woes


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Central locking has given up the ghost. It's a 1988 model so only the drivers door activates it.

For a few days you had to use the key a number of times to get all doors to open and close, sometimes it did it first time, others it took 10-15 goes.

Always worked fine from inside the car, opened and closed first time every time...

.....untl tonight!!!

Now the button operated from the inside doesn't do anything any more either! Aaaargh! :angry:

I gave the door a gentle 'thump' and it worked once more, but now it's definitely not!

Can anyone tell me what is sticking/broken/needing greased/replaced with a very expensive new part?

Cheers in advance,


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Had a good poke about within the door this weekend and managed to find that no linkage had fallen off and the actuator on the driver's door was working (can hear a distinct 2nd click after actuating the button up and down) and very occasionally the fuel filler cover would work off the central locking but no other door.

Had an auto electrician friend look at it and he thinks there may be a break in one of the solders in the central locking control relay - sometimes it's touching (and doors open etc) but mostly it's no longer making contact and it's arc-ing.

We had some of the dash apart (yikes!) but couldn't see anything obviously saying 'central locking'.

Does anyone know where on an '88 the central locking relay is located? Is it a specific colour or does it have marking on it to identify?

He did actually do a nifty fix on my knackered window motor while we were in there, so something got fixed this weekend!

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There isn't a relay but there is a control unit on the steering column bracket.

Thanks Deano, can you be a bit more specific? What does it look like and what does the control unit consist of? The actuator on the driver's door works, but apart from a feeble effort from the petrol cover sometimes, everything else has gone kaput.

Do you have any ideas what might have broken? Could something in the control unit you mention be to blame? Thanks for your help.

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I've got a 1989 RR vogue and had some serious central locking problems a few months back. Same thing as you really, all stopped working except for the drivers door. Apparently the central locking ECU is bolted to the steering column and it's a black box. If you take the lower facia panel off below the steering wheel you should find it tucked up in there. I never needed to replace mine in the end as the whole lot started working perfectly again before i got hold of one. You should be able to get one off ebay, rr classic recycled parts is good (ebay shop), a guy called tooliev8, he'll help you out. Good luck mate.

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