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TD5 with an aversion to being cleaned!

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I have a buzzing in my ears from the @&^*%* alarm.

Every time I clean the mud off the underside/bodywork with a pressure washer the alarm goes off.

As a matter of habit I lock the Defender when I am not in it. So most of the time I clean it it is locked and the alarm is set. However, that should not cause the alarm to sound. In fact washing the truck is the only way that I know the alarm works!

Sometimes it goes off when I am washing it, sometimes it waits until some time after I have finished.

Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can stop it - short of not cleaning :blink: or remembering to unlock it :rolleyes: ? I am not keen on the latter, as it the alarm goes off when it is unattended after washing.

Or is this just a normal TD5 Defender alarm behaviour..........?


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Even when the defender is very damp inside with lots of condensation, the alarm is well behaved. So I don't think it relates to the humidity.

It only sounds when being pressure washed or within 30 minutes of finishing and going back indoors.


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Easy, don't wash it :D

Seriously now, pressure washers cause a lot of problems with cars and other things. Be careful! On my Audi 100 the washer pushed water into the drivers footwell where the ignition module sits. As VW placed this with its connections facing upwards it shorted out. I replaced it with a new one fitted properly with the connections facing downwards and have not had the problem since.

On my Defender, the pressure washer pushed water into the bulkhead multi-plug, shorting out the large white wire which powers the 'ignition' solenoid. Actually the inside of the plug burnt out. I then noticed that although LR in their wisdom had fitted heavy duty wire on both sides of the multi-plug the inside was tiny bits of steel for all the wires. So I by-passed the plug with wire of the correct thickness. So beware of pressure washers and electrickle bits.

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