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Had new Defender a couple of weeks...

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Ok I've had the 2004 TD5 Defender a few weeks now. I thought I'd give it a check over this afternoon so I had a look round underneath and noticed 2 possible oil leaks:


The first is very small, I think this is the transfer box filler plug (please correct me if I'm wrong as it was getting dark and I rushed to take the photo).


Second looks rather serious, it's the UJ on the rear axle. The oil appears to be coming out of the area around where the UJ attaches to the axle.

Thirdly the only other thing that's bothering me is that first thing in the morning if I move the landy a few metres, then dip the clutch I get a kind of low pitched 'whining' (possibly the rear UJ?) as soon as I drive again or put it in neutral it's ok.

So anything really serious? I'd like your advice please :rolleyes:

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What's the vehicle mileage?

A bit of oil can look like a big leak. I would imagine the damp patch below the transfer box filler is residue left over from the last top-up. Wouldn't do any harm to clean it off, remove the filler plug to check the level and then secure the plug.

Before ripping the pinion seal out I would remove the differential filler plug and top up if needed, degrease / clean the area around the pinion seal and then keep an eye open to gauge the amount of loss.

Do you get the noise when you push down the clutch pedal with the engine idling & gearbox in neutral?

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Thank you for your reply Steve (and Western).

It's only done 19,000 miles. You could indeed be right with the transfer box, I will check the tourqe on it tomorrow though just to be sure and clean it off.

The diff however was wet with oil, ie. you could wipe it off with your finger. I will check the level of this tomorrow, and do as you say :)

The noise only happens first thing in the morning really (or when cold) and is there when the clutch is dipped, engine at idle, and in gear... but only after I've moved her (ie. used the clutch to produce some drive). I find it hard to re-produce the noise afterwards. I've not tried revving the engine whilst the noise is there, maybe this will help pinpoint what it is?

Again thanks for your reply!

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Have you checked the breather on the back axle to see that it is not blocked/ kinked? If it is then when the oil in the back axle gets hot the air above will expand and pressurise the axle- oil can then be forced passed what would otherwise be a perfectly good oil seal... the good news is that changing a pinion oil seal is very simple even for the most mechanically challenged :D


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