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new water pump on

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Yesterday everything went back on... including new water pump and gasket. Thanks for all the advice.

Ran on tickover for 30 mins no problem, temp stayed where it should. Some steam out of the top of the radiator so put a bottle of RadWeld type stuff in.

Ran again for 30 mins on tickover and the steam stopped, temp still where it should be. Great.

Went to drive off. 1st gear, moved forward about 5 feet then...

1) engine raced as if throttle was stuck open

2) a catching noise started (just as if the fan was catching the cowl but it definitely wasn't)

3) a BIG plume of white smoke from engine bay (seemed to be mainly from the passenger side)

4) engine cut out.

Inspected engine and nothing looked amiss.

5 minutes later she fired up just fine. Any suggestions what the above might have been???... and is it anything to worry about???

>> i might need a new thread for the next bit........ :(

Ok, so then drove for about 5 miles and a vibration started from low down at the front. Quite loud, can be heard above engine, sounds like something catching or vibrating. Not there when you put the clutch in. Vibration gets faster when you put more throttle on.

Stopped in layby and a very nice gentleman in a 110 stopped behind and helped me take a look. He said prop looked fine, bit of play in the front diff but couldnt see anything too exciting underneath. Said he could hear a bit of a vibration at back of engine but didnt know what it might be, suggested some kind of plate but couldnt see anything.

Anyway, i got home but dont like the sound of this vibration noise. Odd thing is, it certainly wasn't there when i parked it up 3 weeks ago, since then all i've done is put a new water pump on.

By the way, temperature fine throughout and no loss of power.

Wondering where do I look first? :huh:

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