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Wheel Stud Replacement

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I just read in one of the monthly magazines that if I was going to put alloy wheels on I would need to replace the wheel studs (see pic attached). As I was planning to do this and have the alloys which are un-yet fitted as my project is not complete at the moment.

Do I really have to do this?

My landy is a 85 dbl cab, with old style axles, will they still work with the hub spacers?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,



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Wheel nuts need changing if you're going from steelies to alloys or vice versa, can't see a reason to change the studs unless you really can't get new nuts to fit the existing studs... which is about as likely as Armenia invading the UK next week :D

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I think it's the length of the studs to get enough thread into the nut to stop the wheel falling off. :o

Thanks Guys,

That's good news and I did get nuts to go with the wheels!

I have enough on my plate with the rebuild, I didn't really want to have to start going down that road as well!



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