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Southdown front axle guard...

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Guest diesel_jim

I've got an axle and steering guard that was originally on my 200Tdi 90, but now i'm building myself a Td5 110, and have a late 300Tdi front axle on it, with the wider radius arms and antiroll bar mounting brackets.

I plan to run with front and rear antirollbars, but, i've come unstuck trying to fit the "non rollbar equipped" guard in place.

currently the axle case is sat in my garage upside down on axle stands, with the radius arms and rollbar fitted to it, and i'm just working out how to "adjust" (read: grind and weld) the guard to fit.

Has anyone got an axle guard fitted to an axle with antiroll bars? any chance of a picture or 2?

i'm wondering about putting two big "slots" for the balljoint bits to poke through (i'm assuming the rollbar mounts at the lowest point and the balljoint bits go "up" to the casing? if i try it the other way, it looks like they would hit the diff) and also modifying the"Y" shaped brackets as they foul the rollbar mounts as well.

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Try PMing TJ101 as I am sure JST told me Tim was running the guard from JST's 200Tdi on an 06 Td5 this last weekend.


Correct, Just off with the camera Jim,

its coming off this morning, and going onto the 07

give me 2 ticks ;)

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Guest diesel_jim

Cheers for that TJ....

that explains why mine won't fit... mine is an earlier welded together jobbie... the bolt together ones like you've got are a slightly different shape and don't interfere with the rollbar brackets... <_<<_<

Hmmmm.... anyone want to buy two earlier lower guards? should be able to afford a new one then! :rolleyes:

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Guest diesel_jim
Jamie, the pics you have on the listing, of the axle guard, looks the same as the one here !!

Will go and get another pic, before it get put onto the 07 !!

yours is the later bolt together type, mine is welded.

i had a really useful email from Dave at southdown yesterday. the bolt together ones have slotted holes to allow them to fit the later axles, whereas mine won't budge :angry:

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