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breather pipe locations?


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Hi guys

Today i have been working on my Beast. I have made and finished the Snorkel, i have fitted the front and rear axle breathers but on the paperwork it states fitting onto the existing breather pipes from the transfer box and the auto box.

I have spent bloody hours trying to find them but alas no luck! Any advice would be appreciated. I have also fitted the bellhousing drainplug bung but cannot find the one for the transfer box. When i fitted the bellhousing bung i noticed that i have got a bloody great big hole right behind the bug, i presume that there is mean't to be a plate to cover this as there are three holes around it? can anyone confirm this and know of a part number for it please?

BTW The Beast is a 1991 Classic with a 3.9 petrol.


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The box breathers should come up on the bulkhead, if you have to run new ones these pictures might help.



that's an LT230 transfer box though, not a Borg Warner.

The hole is there to get access to the TC bolts, yes it should be covered. I don't have Microcat loaded at the moment, sorry.

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On the BW box, they go to the same place -just to the right of the plenum on the bulkhead under the bonnet, there's three, one for axle, one transfer box, one for autobox. They look like walking sticks are their tops are turned over

The rear axle breather goes along the a-frame, and onto the chassis from there -not sure where it ends up -bit dark and cold to go checking atm.....

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My Box is a Borg Warner box. I can not find these walking stick breathers. apart from the one to the front axle which i have already changed along with the rear one. Thanks for the picture, i will look for them again tomorrow, now that i know where to look! Does anyone know if i can get a cover plate from a main dealer? would they have one of these in stock? mind you i suppose i could cut a peice of steel up and silicon it water tight.

Thanks again


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