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Heater For 90

90 Mellis

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I've recently put my 90 on the road(Disco 200Tdi conversion), I ditched the large std heater to give me some much needed room under the bonnet!! Now struggling with demisting in the winter weather.

On the look out for a small compact heater I can fit in the cab(Purely to demist the screen)

Any ideas......??

A lightweight heater looks good but I can't seem to find them For Sale

Cheers Mike

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This lot do a small heater - at £140 new not a cheap solution.

You might be tempted by one or even two of those 12v electric things, they are enough to get a kit car through the SVA but no real substitute for the real thing.

Thats a very good link, now in my favourites.

120 fuses in a box £5 plus p&p

Guys across the road who used to break a car each week for banger racing have now moved-on so my supply of zero cost fuses from various Sierra's and not so hot hatches has disappeared :D

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get one from a mini


i checked this thread the other day and went searching for a mini's heater for my s3. but the only one i found was (supposedly and according to the seller) from a mini 850. it was a fat unit and i couldn't find any place to install it. if fitted to the center, in front of the gearbox lever, it will be too close to all the levers (gearbox, transfer, 4x4 and overdrive). that unit had a on/off switch and a lever with 3 positions. it looks exactly the same as this one, in eBay:


is this the same unit as you say? if it is, how can it be installed, without interfering with the levers? or will it fit a 90 but not a s3? :huh:

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