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gearbox whine


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Hi All,,

Time to see if the amazing knowledge on here can save me several hundred pounds!

Recently bought my lovely td5 90 ( pics will come on soon) and i love it to bits - done soo many miles in it and all is heaven - except the whine in the gearbox that appeared after a lil drive one day from where i live in aberdeenshire to the lro fest in peterbourough in september,,,,just short of 1000 miles towing a caravan round trip!

Now the gearbox whines in 5th gear, and the whine seems to vary with how hard you accelerate, if you are just cruising at 60 ish then its not too bad but as soon as you give it some more revs it starts to whine - much annoying!

I dont really want to go change the box just for this cause its slighly expensive so all ideas would be appreciated



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You might give the very helpful http://ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk a ring & see what they can suggest.

:) I did think about doing that but was hoping to see if there was a simple cause anyone knew of on here - mainly cause i have no willpower and would just cave in and buy an shiny new box from them,,,,,i suck at willpower

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I got my last boxes (transfer box changed to Disco gearing) from Colin at CS gears. Disco gearing is worth doing (IMHO) for more refined driving.

Both went in fine, and he can even rebuild your current boxes if you want.

Done 5k and a fair bit of heavy towing since, no whine and all seems fine.

C S Gears

phone-icon-black.gif 024 76667228 Unit B12 Little Heath Industri COVENTRY, West Midlands, CV6 7ND

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