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Where to get that whizzy little Diff Nut Tool Thingy ?


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Hmmm :huh:

With Christmas (Grrr Grump Grizzle bah humbug) coming up I'm being "Asked" by SWMBO in "Increasing volume" sort of way, what ideas I have for my christmas list

no problem dear.......lots of things.....

NO...that are cheap - AH Um problem :lol:

One thing that i remember reading about was those whizzy special tools for getting the dreaded propshaft nuts off ?

1 Are they any good ?

2 How much roughly ?

3 Where can these be got from if they are good ?


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They are about £12 and are greater than a great thing that is greatest. I have one - in fact I have two, but have mislaid one of them. Still a bit fiddly undoing the rear prop where it connects to the drum/disc, but worth a kings ransom. Not every parts supplier sells them though, even though are an excellent tool.


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The prop tool that Diff lock sell are a definate must have item , I have owned mine for some years now and survived many hours of abuse on the air impact gun,

IIRC they are about £15 , Money well spent .

They make it so easy to remove the props , in under a minite with air gun .

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Guest diesel_jim

Being a cheapskate, i've got a 1/2" to 3/8" ratchet reducer, a 6" 3/8" extension bar and a 9/16" 6 side socket on the end.

that way i can swap other sockets onto the end.

It works great, apart form sometimes the socket jams on the nuts, and then when i pull it, the parts all unclip themselves. <_<<_<

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I have one, and (in case you don't already get the idea...) they are bl00dy brilliant.

The difflock one that I have is actually a koken (very good japanese tool mfr) tulip headed extended impact socket... but it's a propshaft nut tool to most of us!

Add a rattle gun for instant propshaft karma.... :P

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I used the very same tool today to fit a new front propshaft. They are really easy to use on a standard ratchet head. I must say that my engine cross member makes using it on the gearbox end a little tricky, so I tightened that end with a couple of spanners, but for undoing it's the dogs danglies!

The only thing I have to do is figure out how to take the UJ's out of the old one.. but I'll save that for another day!

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As the splines are wrecked, I wouldn't bother changing the UJ's, keep them in a dry place for future use. not much can be done to repair the splines, reckon it would be a fairly expensive job to have them repaired & the teflon or similar coating was replaced.

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