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Heated Windscreen wiring


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Posted this a while back in the Defender forum by mistke:-

One side of my factory fitted heated windscreen on my 1997 Discovery suddenly stopped working last week. I think it was after I'd recharged the battery (I removed it from the car to charge). I'm not a great electrician, but am I right in assuming that only one fuse drives the unit and that therefore the problem is likely to be in the wiring to that side of the screen?

It was a factory fitted unit, but there's no indication which fuse (or fuses) are protecting it - I think the wiring runs to the fuse box under the bonnet, but all fuses look OK there (and also in the dashboard fuse box).

Thanks a lot for any guidance as to where the problem might be.

Jim Strong

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Maxi fuse under bonnet and two std fuses behind the glovebox have to drop the lid right down to get at them.


> and two std fuses behind the glovebox

Oh thanks Lynall - one of the two fuses behind the glovebox must have gone - it was quite dark when I looked and I couldn't see if any had failed. I'll get a better torch out and have a proper look.


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I can't find the fuse in my books either, have u check the two electrical plugs that are under the bonnet under the windscreen?

I found the fuses following Lynall's tip* and they are both OK. I did have a quick look at the plugs under the bonnet when it first happened and they did seem OK. I'm now going to get out my voltmeter and have a go at tracing the fault back through the wires. It must have been something I did when charging the battery.

* I downloaded the Rave CD manuals and still haven't found a reference to those two fuses behind the glove box so far!


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