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HBRO Winch Challange 25th November 2007


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Well I attended this challage today - 1st time ever for me and right on my doorstep

Have to say that I really did enjoy it - had a inexperanced winch bitch but has lots of common sence (both of us really) - but we ended up working really well after the shock of the 1st hour or so

My H14 worked like a dream all day very imperessed with it

The organisation was good and frendly hats off to the organisers - Thanks ! - nice fish and chip van there for lunch + a frendly helpfull load of copetiters

Only damage dented front wing - also lucky for me one of my front caliper bolts came undone and fell out on the way home and the other was loose!

I'm hooked line and sinker to this kind of event

Thanks to all who made it happen


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Orange and I were also competing in his silver rangie, and had a really good day. It was our first single car challenge event in Orange's truck, and my first time biatching and whilst the car held up well, I am not so sure about me... :P

Steve, didn't realise it was you or would have come and said hello...

Cheers the the organisers, wonder what the results were (we had to leave before they were complete :( )



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Was a very good well organized event, good number and spread of punches.

my truck got through the day ok with only a bit of tree shaping to one of the front wings :)

the damage from the guys that i went along with was one front diff, a winch cable that broke in three different places and a bent drag link.

thanks to every one involved in the setup/running

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yep good day, thanks to all concerned.

not so good for me..... lasted all of about 15 mins when i broke a cv or front shaft, managed two punches before then.... :(

Looks like I did'nt introduce myself to you either although we did have a chat (I think) and I think I teamed up with your mate for a while in the morning


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Me and Dad had a cracking day. I was the guy in the Jimny... Managed to nearly tip it on the third punch, but luckily a nice man in a Disco stuck a winch line on the back. Let Dad have a drive for a bit and he nearly rolled it twice in ten minutes... :rolleyes:

No damage that I know of, other than a slightly burnt out clutch. Will be interested to see how many we actually managed to get... It was nice to (briefly) meet you Mark! It looked like you were having fun!

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... It was nice to (briefly) meet you Mark! It looked like you were having fun!

3 options:

1 - Must have been a different Mark!!!!

2 - It was as we were sinking the first cup of coffee of the day

or 3 - I was looking the other way at that moment!


Had a good day. First time we've really used my truck in anger for a whole day. Only damage was a n/s side repeater, believe it or not, which I thought was pretty good going for Mark and I!!!

Cheers to the organisers for a good range of punches. Even a couple of the 'simple' ones managed to get us thinking... And there were the enevitable insane punches that would have meant standing the car on it's back bumper to get at them.

Still on the learning curve and loving it!!

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