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Disc conversion on a 90

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Hi All..

I'm looking to fit discs on the rear of my 1988 military 90..

I can get hold of a pair of axles off a 1989 (V8 ABS) Range Rover fairly cheap - will the hubs/discs/calipers fit?? or will I need to do lots of messing about with special brake hoses etc etc.. (I dont want to swap the whole axles over as the ones on the 90 are spot on)

While Im at it can I use the front calipers and vented disc setup off the range rover on my 90 as well!?

What do I need to swap over to do this and also will the current master cylinder / servo cope?



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Guest diesel_jim

You'll have to swap the axles over, as the mounting flange on the axle end is different betweem drum and disc brakes.

Not sure about the ABS calipers though... should work on a normal system.

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I've just swapped RRC 91 v8 axles onto my 90.The original axles were unvented on the front and drum on rear.The swap was easy but i needed to join up the twin brake lines to the RRC front calipers.You'll need two tee's and some brake pipe and the flairing kit.

The brakes are top notch now!

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