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another welding question


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As above + depends what you are welding, I presume you want it gas tight. If it's a pipe that will have a fluid flow it's best to back gas it - blank one end off but leave some leakage, arrange a second feed of argomix or whatever you are using with a small cock to regulate the flow into the other end which should be sealed. Prep the join down to between 1 - 2 mm with a 0.5 mm gap and weld with very slight slight positive pressure on the internal feed.

That is the best method for a single sided weld, i.e. one where you can't get at the inside to run a bead or grind it smooth. I you are doing something thicker you can run another bead over the top with MIG or stick to regain the overall thickness & hence strength.

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I am looking at a 100A and 120A SIP TIG to weld 3mm ali sheet (can't see the need to weld thicker than that) and 2 mm mild steel. For thicker stuff I can use MIG.

So question is will 100 A be enough foir my needs? (don't want to spend more on the 120 unless I have to. :(

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Fnaaaaaar Fnaaaaaar! :D

I'll just get me coat!

Les. :)

Walked into that one didn't I :rolleyes:

I am sure I have said this before. To weld Ally you need an AC or a DC pulse Tig machine. I don't think SIP do a 100A model, closest I can find is this one SIP 05037 Weldmate Inverter there aren't a lot of details but I am pretty sure it's not a pulsed inverter at that price. I think you will be looking at paying at least 1k for an alloy capable one unless you can pick one up second hand.

I know that doesn't really answer your question, IMHO 125A should be capable of welding up to 3mm but you had better be pretty handy with the filler rod at that thickness.

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