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Series 2 and 3


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the seats are infact transit seats, at the time i bought it it was advertised as a series 2a and with goin by the lights in the wings it was 1969ish, i had a few people lookin at it and they seemed to think it wa series 3, the manual that can be seen in the pics is for a series 2 :(

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The dashboard, the manual accelerator, the windows are from a Series 3. Maybe the gear level is from a IIA or II. The series 3 start their production in 1971, but there are models of transition. But to be honest I don't what kind of items are included in the transition models.

Only for the interior, is a series 3. But show more pictures of the exterior to conclude it better.

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cosmetically, series 3. even hinges and heater are right.

for sure only way to confirm is chassis number.

on right hand front spring hanger.

tap into cal vin [can't find link-sorry]or post here [exclude last three digits]


ps 1971 seres 3 can have 2a hnges.

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TIL 8125

Date of Manufacture - 31-12-1983

Engine - 2286 DIESEL

VIN - SALLBAAG1AA***** (removed for forum)

CalVIN returns:

SAL Manufacturer code: Land Rover

LB Model: Series III (for early models: Stage One)

A Wheel base: 88 inch (SWB)

A Body type: 2-door: Pickup, hood cab, truck cab, or soft/hard top

G Engine type: 2.25 litre diesel (model 10J)

1 Steering and transmission: Right-hand drive (RHD), 4-speed manual (LT95, or other)

A Model year: 1979 to 1987 (All models)

A Assembly location: Solihull, UK

****** Serial number

That should be all you need - it's a 1983 Series 3 88"

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As i mentioned in the 'switching off' topic that my interior is the double of a series 3! could it be a series 3? is there any key features that would identify which series i have?

I went up and looked at this truck last week and reckoned it was a series III. Didn't drive it though or look at the documents. Looking underneath it was enough for me! :o

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not sure to be honest, av only had it 2 months at the most, had planned on workin on it but couldnt get a shed anywer, went to a local farmer at the weekend actually managed to get a full chicken house to start strippin it in :D , until today i was under the impression from the pervious owner it was late series 2 haha

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