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Another vapour project...


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Been getting the bug for building something recently, so i've been thinking. After something fun and i've got one of these sitting in my garage:


mmm...v8 porn :D 4 barrel throttle body with 4 cosworth injectors, and I have a megasquirt black box of michief that has yet to be used in anger.

So..gotta be a v8 series SWB.

My old v8 series worked quite nicely with series box and overdrive on big wheels, but i'm on a budget this time, so in order to avoid costs of adapter plate and overdrive, thinking I might use a 5 speed box - probably an LT77+LT230 as I have those and an engine readily available.

I have a number of questions thumping around my head on this arrangement...what does the panel think?

1. Am I going to destroy the classic 'vague' series feel with an LT77?

2. Do I use LT230 and have permenant 4x4...in which case, how can I tackle this on a series? Free wheeling hubs?

3. Mate series tx box to LT77 - I know tonk has done this, and it is tricky, but i'm up for a challenge...as long as it is a cheap one

4. Any way to convert LT230 to selectable 2 wheel drive?

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Mmmmmmmm nice - whats that 4 barrell off of then, or where do you get it from??? Nice!!!

I'd just stick an Lt77 and lt230 in it an leave it alone. Mate of mine runs one in full time 4wd without any problems at all.

If its going to be a low mileage motor then I wouldnt bother.

Trust me - having done it, mating the series transfer box on aint worth the agro - Tonk now runs LT77. If you really must go this way then buy the ashcroft kit to do it with.



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Aha...that'd be the way to do it then. :D

I've got a bug catcher too...do I cut a hole in the bonnet and have it poking out the top...Is that too chavvy for a landy? It is pre-drilled for nitrous...

Be rude not to have the bug catcher really B)

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Right then....this is the plan....


patch chassis as needed

Remove roof

Fit salisbury rear axle

rebuild brakes (mmm....v8)

rebuild top end of v8 (new cam/tappets etc... port heads)

LT230 to 2/4wd

fit 4 barrel+MS

EDIS if any money left (doubtful....)

Once I have found somewhere to build it (anyone know of any workshops around Bristol?) and got some bits together, ill start taking some photos

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