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Siii Gearbox ???

88 Special

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Hello, new forum looks good, easy on the eyes.

I am rebuilding a suffix A gearbox (first trans rebuild for me) using the green LR manual and have a couple of questions:

1. In the manual on page 37-4, Bell Housing, 37.12.07, step 22, says to torque the layshaft securing bolt to 50 ft-lbs. Now if you go to page 37-9, Layshaft, 37.20.19, step 25, it says to torque the layshat securing bolt to 60ft-lbs. What is the correct torque?

2.On page 37-11, Main shaft assembly, Mainshaft, rear end, step 46 says to fit the first speed gear. Ok, in the "DATA" section on the bottomof page 37-12, it calls for ".004-.008 End float on the first speed gear". How do you adjust the First Speed Gear End Float?

I have less than .004.

Thank you for your comments

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I'm right in the middle of messing with gearboxes, so I can help in perhaps a small way. There are two layshafts - The 1-ton is different, or at least the part number is. In my parts book it lists the 1-ton type as 'optional or 1-ton' (words to that effect anyway). Dunno about the mainshaft, not got to that yet.


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Thank you,

I guess I will torque the layshaft bolt to 55ft-lbs and use Locktite. As for the 1st speed gear, the only way I can see to get more end float is to face off the gear on the side that butts the thrust washer. I have a little more than .003, so maybe that will be good enough. It is a lot of work to change the transmissions, so I was trying to do it right the 1st time.

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I'm fortunate not have to ever rebuild the gearbox so got no first hand experience. But will try to add my few pence worth. You mention thrust washer, don't this come in different thickness? If so it might be simply a case of changing that for different one. Greg

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Hi Greg,

There are different thickness thrust washers to adjust the end float on the primary pinion, 2nd, 3rd speed gears/bushing and the layshaft. But, the parts book only has one number for the 1st speed thrust washer. Changing this washer will not affect the end float of the first speed gear, it would change the distance the mainshaft goes through the bearing. The manual calls for .004-.008, I have between .003 and .004, I guess that will have to be close enough.


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