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Heated screens - bulk order

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I had the independant screen man in today fitting a new rubber on a customer's 110.

I asked what he would normally charge me for a heated screen (rimmer bros charge £205.00) if I bought ten.

He says that he can sell them for £168.00 (inc VAT) if I order ten.

Anyone in the SE want to join together to get a few quid off ? or can someone else get them cheaper ?

He says fitting is £30.00+VAT.

I realise that it may be that some of you claim off your insurance for heated screens, (Im sure you all had one before :rolleyes: ) so this is not any good, but if you have to buy one outright it seems to be around fifty quid cheaper (if you include courier from on line suppliers).

Im sure we could also provide a relay/fitting service as well if anyone wants to.

If your interested, please let me know below, if you can get them cheaper, please let me know.


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Who is the manufacturer of the screens? I.E. are the screens of known quality?

I'd would need a new 'rubber seal' as well. (1996 90)

I'm in mid kent, so am interested in supply only and supply/fit.

Let me know how you get on...

Ill ask him on Monday, he normally fits the screens in my vehicles and has done a few now as I have to pay (my motor trader does not have glass cover) Im carefull about quality and install costs.

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In fact at Uroglass -



Remember....the quoted price of £144.53 INCLUDES insured delivery and VAT!


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