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That should keep the treestumps away!


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Having reduced my first winch PTO...


...to a pile of 'spares' :o after tapping it gently on a treestump at Bampton:


And then raided my piggy bank to buy another one (thank you Phil at PG Winches!), I didn't really want to do the same thing again! :unsure:

Looked into rotating it as Paul and Les have done, but it's a lot of work (making new holes and rotating the PTO is easy enough, but modifying the lever, transfer box mount, large section of exhaust, maybe making up more rods as the proper ones might be too short or at too much of an angle etc.), most of which I wouldn't be able to do at home anyway even if I did have the time. If you've got the time and ability then it's the best solution as you don't loose any clearance underneath, but thats not me, so I started looking at different ideas.

I'd seen a front steering guard used before and even bought a cheap one from Sodbury a while ago to put on there, but when held in place it hung down a long way and left a downwards point at the lowest point, and I wasn't convinced that it would stand up to a heavy knock anyway. (With hindsight I should probably have done that anyway, as it would have saved the old one from that stump!)

JST then suggested I ask Dave at Southdown to make something up, and here it is:






(Picture taken wonky, it doesn't slant from side to side)

It's loosely based on the transmission guard they used to make, but doesn't completely enclose everything to avoid the gearbox getting too hot. Keeps the PTO in it's proper place so that all works as it should, and although it does hang down a bit (lowest is about the same as the trailing arm 'ears') it ramps smoothly along the chassis so it should slide over things and not get hung up (with any luck!). Can still get to the filler/level plugs and it shouldn't be too hard to take off if I need to.

Thought I'd post a few piccies to give anyone who was thinking of doing the same sort of thing some ideas - my advice is sort out some sort of protection for the PTO before you bust it! I don't think Dave is too keen to make any more of these though, he did say it ended up being a "labour of love" :o

Should be one less thing to worry about bashing at 7 Sisters next week! :lol:


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It's loosely based on the transmission guard they used to make,

Anyone got any pics of this?

DD's MkII looks like a good bit of kit and a bit of underbody protection wouldn't go amiss. Tiny, what are you getting?

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Ok now I'm probably gonna regret saying this, but is that the angle an LT230 PTO is supposed to sit at?? I'd have said it was supposed to sit rotated clockwise by one hole, so that it sits just above your exhaust.

Anyone else got one that knows? Certainly thats where the series one sits so its up out the way.

Only other comment if it is right is:- what a cr@p design!!!!


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The PTO is supposed to hang straight down as this is how the holes line up and the shafts have quite an easy way to the front of the vehicle. However rotating it by one hole means that the holes in the PTO need to be modifed and then a new ehxaust made up so that it misses the PTO and then more brackets and maybe different length shafts. Les has a nice example of this, but in standard form this is how they were made which is stupid yes but was probably made this way so that it can go on a vehicle without having to modify it.

Good to see Dicky is spending my money well :angry:


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