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What GPS are you using?/ whats the best??


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hello everyone,

ive looked on here to no avail for the best simple GPS system to run in my disco which can handle MM.

i have been toying with the idea of a plain and simple PDA with the likes of TomTom software installed on it??? i recently got stitched up on e-bay with one of these and the screen kept going off, the software would not load onto the PDA, the PDA kept locking up and freezing the whole palm top :angry:

what i,m after is something so simple that the bread knife can operate in her car, :P that will also run Memory Map/ Multi Map.

a friend of mine is running one of these with no problems at all at the minute but i was wondering what everyone thought about the travel companion? if they had a personell experience etc etc cause the wireless ones of these can be picked up new on e-bay for about £170!!

is this the way forward or have i totally missed a device along the way?

look forward to hearing your points of view.



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